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Scented Luxury


Here at Beautiful Moon Candle Co, we want to remind you that sometimes the richest experiences in life, can be found in the simplest of things.

Our candles embody the essence of luxury that soothes the soul, warms and brightens your space, and serves as a reminder to pause, reflect, and find beauty in the simplest pleasures in life.

Clean Burning. Toxin-Free. Sustainable.

Made Better.

  • The perfect match

    Every candle & wax melt is crafted with care & hand-poured in small batches to ensure you’re getting the best quality possible (duh, you deserve nothing but the best!)

  • Quality Soy high, it’s coconuts

    We use a luxurious Coconut Soy wax in our melts and candles because it’s all natural, clean burning, sustainable, & is one of the best waxes on the market!

  • Wicked smart

    We only use FSC certified wooden wicks, sustainably harvested and hand crafted in the U.S. Wooden wicks product less soot, burn cleaner and are more sustainable than a traditional cotton wick.

  • It just makes Scents

    Our candles & wax melts are beautifully scented with premium fragrance oils, free of toxins, phthalates and parabens!