Meet The Maker

Meet The Maker

Hi Angels, 

My name is Dasia Vu, & I am the owner & creator behind Beautiful Moon Candle Co! 

I started Beautiful Moon Candle Co because if there’s anything I’ve always been passionate about, it’s been to try and bring light into people’s lives.

I used to tell myself, if you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine, & if I’m going to be completely honest after deciding to leave the pre-pharmacy program I was in, I spent so much time in the darkness because it really made me question what my purpose was, how I failed, & how i put myself in a position where I have to figure out what I wanted to do next and who I wanted to be… 

But what truly always stuck, was wanting to make people feel happy. Eventually, I started going to college for business and decided to start Beautiful Moon Candle Co, I knew people adored candles, but it would also be my source of bringing light to people’s lives literally, because candles are a light source, and figuratively because candles bring feelings of peace, comfort, & joy and to me that’s one of the most important parts of life, finding things that bring sunshine and light into our lives.

& here I am today, building, growing, and learning more each day

Im just a one woman show, I design everything, I make all the candles, I pack all the orders, I locally deliver and ship everything, I create all my own content and manage literally everything else, but it’s what makes my heart happy, and has become my passion to provide high quality products that bring light into peoples lives.

All my candles are made from a luxurious Coconut Soy wax blend, which is one of the best waxes in the industry to use in candles for a clean burn. All my candles are eco-friendly, sustainable, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and contain no parabens or phthalates. All my fragrance oils are cruelty free and contain no phthalates as well.

There are absolutely no short cuts ever taken with my business, I make all candles in small batches to ensure that they're the best quality possible. & ill make sure that I do everything I can to keep providing you luxurious quality candles at the lowest prices possible.

This is only the beginning, thank you for being here, and cheers to more success, growth, and prosperity 

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